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We shorten your url, no matter how long it is.

You can use a short url to easily fit in spaces.

Your shortened url contains month and year of url conversion.

For example is pointing to

First two numbers are month 07 i.e. July & next two numbers are year 21 i.e. 2021

There is one in million cases when it will not work. So we advice you to test the link created before copying it!

Happy converting link!

How we are better than others!

Sometimes there are extremely long urls which a lot of other online websites fail to shorten. You can successfully shorten them on

There are other websites which don't accept shortened urls like "Pinterest". But they accept our shortened urls.

If you are using it in some place where link will directly show some of the page content, then will help you show your website content.

How to use!

Enter your URL in textbox and press green "Submit" button.

Next page opens has a green "Copy" button. Click on it to copy the link.

Want to test if it is working. Just press the blue link above green "Copy" button and it will show it converting in new tab.

Details about the product works anywhere and any way you do. We want you to be able to shorten lengthy links or brand links from anywhere you prefer to work. Whether working in computer or on mobile. Short link is always attractive to add. It is easy to keep your content fit within the area with a shorter link. Shorter link looks more attractive to use. Many websites has long links which can take few lines of text to a whole page and it is not always convenient to use the long links directly. Mainly when working on Social Medias, a short link is very helpful. There are other link shortening websites however you will find their links fail to add on some necessary social medias. They don't show direct image of your website but they show image of their own website. shows the image of your website page. It is very useful for using in many different places where many other link shortning website fail to work as required. It is very fast to load. When clicked on link, if your internet is fast, it will directly lead to your website rather than opening one website first and then the other which has been seen in many other link shortening websites. So is a best choice for you. In case you find any speed issue, then you will notice that it is your local internet speed which could be slow and secondly, once your website's page start loading, then it is speed of your website to load that particular page. So in the second case you can use other websites like , , and there are many other website speed calculating website which can help you speed up your website in loading web pages. They also provide suggestions to fix the website page load speed issues such as image compression, text compression, etc. You can use those methods to speed up your website. While we are here to help you with link shortening in a very optimized way, there is a chance of risk involved in everything which could be only 0.01% and it is applicable to all the websites of the internet. While is very useful service to use, you should use it whereever necessary. This will help you with all kind of links where other websites has failed to create because of their link text limits where it is unlimited on our website. So once you start using it on regular basis you are going to love it and also the viewers will like it the way it works. It is a free to use service. While you enjoy using this service, you can buy us a coffee by donating at . Donations will also help us to further make this services available to you at other places like mobile apps, browser integrations, windows tools, integrate with many other online available apps. We can further work on making this service more useful for you in a way where we feel right. Donation is the method to show you like this service and you want it to advance. We are thinking to further improve the service by adding not only the year and month to the short link but also date and time of conversion and we have other ideas to improve website and user experience in a way that it help users in a better way. We are working on regularly improving the service.

What users saying!

"Awesome! It managed to show my website photo on when I add a short link. While other link shortening services failed"

"This 'short link' service is great! I tried adding short links in pinterest and they failed to add. But they work from this I like it!"

"My website has extremely long links they are fetching data from some API and creating extremely long link for webpage, to show data dynamically. Other link shortening services failed to work. work as required. Thanks."

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